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Artist Corinne Galla writes about the world of the working artist.

Does Art Ever Go On Sale?

Corinne Galla

for-sale-sign Does art ever go on sale?

Good question.

Ask any group of art professionals, and you'll get two completely different sets of answers. The more traditional approach seems to be, "No! Never! Art never goes on sale!" And there are some (like me) who will do what it takes (within reason!) to put artwork in the hands of people who want to own it.

Believe me, it IS okay to negotiate. Don't be afraid! Here are some of the things I have done to get the customer a piece of art they love and want:

  • I said yes to a discount of 20% when more than one piece was purchased
  • I said yes to free shipping (US only!)
  • I took layaway payments (no more than 4)
  • I sent work out on approval, so the customer could try it out in their home for a few days

None of this was painful. I was happy, the customer was happy (that's the very best part!) and in many cases I now have a collector for life.

Re-thinking the Art Festival

Corinne Galla

Recently I visited an art colleague at her booth during a four day show. I was impressed by the size of the huge crowd, and by her apparent, established client base. artsfest

It made me re-think my sales strategy, and wonder if tent shows are once again a worthwhile option for me and my work. Hmmm...

So I made a list of pros and cons. Here it is:


  • I already own all the equipment from shows I did a few years ago
  • I like demo-ing in front of a crowd
  • I like talking about what I do
  • The fees don't scare me anymore


  • It's a LOT of work (travel, set-up, getting a potty break)
  • Choosing the right show is crucial

Notice this list didn't mention my art? No, it didn't, 'cause my work does sell. That last bit about "choosing the right show" - that's where all the legwork will come in.

I think I'll start my research now.

Pigs and Flowers, AKA "The Experiment"

Corinne Galla

Ok, ok, last post (for a while, at least) about finding your target market - I promise! About  two weeks ago I was lucky enough to be a part of a show held by an artisan makers group. It was fun, exciting, exhausting, and I LEARNED A LOT.

I learned a lot about group shows, and a lot about my target market when exhibiting and selling in person.

Simply put, I took two segments of my work to the show:

1. Rustic Farm Art Paintings


2. Mixed Media Botanical Paintings


or, as I like to call it, "Pigs and Flowers."

The show was held in a small country town about an hour from a BIG CITY. Guess what subject matter gathered the most interest? (Hint: not the one I thought would do it).

It was......ready?.......Rustic Farm Art Paintings!

People loved loved loved my paintings of pigs, goats, cows, and barns. A few nodded vaguely at my mixed media, sophisticated, gallery-ready botanicals, saying things like, "that's nice," or "I like the red."

What's my takeaway here? It would have to be something like, "Don't take paintings of the Maine woods to a show in Florida." Give the natives what they like!! Give your market what they like! When in get the picture.

I guess sometimes it isn't as hard as it seems.

The Target Market (and Mail by Snail)

Corinne Galla

I am sending out postcards. There. I said it.

I'm not going backwards, but you do know that a large percentage of your target market is not addicted to social media like you and I are, right? So I am connecting (or re-connecting) with my target market with a two-step idea:

  1. I paint a lot of different subjects: faces, still life, animal portraits and abstracts, to name most of them. I segmented my work, chose some of my newest work and...
  2. I created postcards featuring these scrumptious paintings and a description of what my buyers need from me and where this segment of my work really fits the bill.

Here's what they look like.


Here's a recap of the copy on the address side.

"Artist Corinne Galla paints still life works that capture the essence of flowers for people who like bold shapes and masses of color."

Even more than the desire to get these in the mail I have a vision of handing these to my buyers and getting a chance right then and there to talk about my paintings! How exciting!!

Does social media allow me the luxury of doing something like this? No, it does not. I believe connecting one-on-one with your art buyer is not only a blast but an opportunity to do what we know only we, as artists, do best: sell our own work.