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April Facebook Giveaway (it's the very first one!)

Corinne Galla

My April Facebook Giveaway is for my three top-selling prints of all time! Here's a snapshot for you of how these paintings came to be:

"She Arranges Her Hair" was painted in a very small format, originally only 4" x 6", and done from a pose of an exquisite, dark-skinned model. Layers and layers of reds and greens came together to form the overlaid shapes in the figure.

The original is in a private collection, but the print has always been popular, and not too long ago caught the eye of the art director of a New England publishing house. Imagine my astonishment when I was told my work would be on a book cover!










"Warm Love", the other figurative print in my giveaway, started out as a small-format watercolor too. It's a little bit looser in style, and I wanted to try a yellow figure on a yellow background - something new and different for me! There's a little less layering of the paint, and she's more abstract. My favorite part? It's the way the red colors "stand in" for some of the shadows!










Prints of my oil paintings are some of my best-sellers, and "Buttered" is far-and-away the winner! This painting was part of a series of yellow flower abstracts (which, for some reason, were very popular in Australia!). I used a big, big brush and a palette knife, and I let my favorite pigment color, ORANGE (!), peek out here and there.

The original hangs in a private collection - my customer bought it for herself for her birthday!

Want to WIN these three fab 8" x 10" prints? Come check out my art page, and 1. LIKE the page, 2. LIKE the post, and 3. TAG a friend for an EXTRA entry. It's easy!

See you in the winners' circle on Friday, April 10th!