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Clay, Glaze and Paint - Who Knew?

Corinne Galla

MayGiveaway My May Facebook Giveaway is a different breed of cat (or donkey!). It's a miniature oil painting done on the back of a subway tile.

Now, paintings on tiles have been around as long as there have been tiles, but one day I was browsing through a dusty back aisle of a local DIY store and found a handful of "leftovers" - crunchy, chippy, plain ol' white tiles, and hmmmmm.....what a cool substrate that would make for a series of oil paintings. The unglazed backs would be perfect for my little farm animal faces.

So, here he is - ready for you to WIN the May Giveaway! Check out my pinned post at Corinne Galla Studios and post your entry!

I can't wait to see who the winner will be!