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Happy (Lunar) New Year!

Corinne Galla

HoneyLambThis post was going to be all about a new shot at new resolutions and "Hey! Here's a chance to polish those things you said you'd do back on December 31st." So after several mental type/deletes, it became a reflection on how change happens at tortoise speed. (It usually does, ya know.) If you're reading this blog post, you are having a sneak peek at the blog on my new website:

Yes, it's new (NEW!! IMPROVED!!), and it's been a tortoise-speed, two year process getting this (read: me) ready. Actually, I realized the other day I was never going to be any more ready than I am right now, called my website girl and told her I wanted to get my show on the road.

So there. (And I hope you'll like it.) :)))))