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I have fallen in love with Lukas...

Corinne Galla

Lukas, I love ya! ...and, no, Lukas isn't my new boyfriend. Lukas Oil Paints are spectacularly awesome for mostly one reason, and here it is.



There. That's it. Well, almost. The colors are luscious, and the formula contains a little beeswax, which makes the soft and very creamy consistency hold up to thickly applied impasto techniques with no falling or globbing. (I think "globbing" is a technical term, yes?)

I ordered and tried the Lukas Titanium White first, just as a test. It skinned over in a day (a DAY!), and was nearly completely dry in about 3 days.

Since then I've added more colors to my arsenal, and find the earth colors are true, while the newer mixes of synthetic components require a bit of a learning curve. (Example: Lukas' Green Earth is really quite blue.)

Drying time is such a big factor in my work schedule. I ship or deliver regularly to the places that show my paintings, and getting work out on time means a lot to me and my venue owners. Every trick like this helps!

Want to find and try Lukas paints, too? Do a simple Google search and begin your newest oil painting experiment.