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Artist Corinne Galla writes about the world of the working artist.

I have some new friends

Corinne Galla

I have some new friends. They're called Acrylic Paint. Now, I'm a little skeptical of our new friendship so far. I mean, Acrylic Paint is a Fast Eddie. Like that friend who said they mailed your birthday present but it never showed up (that was 2 years ago). They dry too fast, and when you come back to the easel the color you'd laid down is now a whole different (darker) value. Hmmm...

And my old friends, Oil Paint, are unsettled, too. I know they are murmuring about my abdication. 
(I swear, it's a passing fancy, and, besides, I only see Acrylic Paint when Oil Paint is out of town).
But I digress - here is what Acrylic Paint and I have been up to lately:
Oh, Hi! Oil Paint, I didn't hear you come in...Wanna go see a movie this weekend?