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Artist Corinne Galla writes about the world of the working artist.

My wildest dreams

Corinne Galla

The other night, I dreamed that a friend of mine had joined forces with a Hollywood celebrity to build a rocket ship and launch Nancy Pelosi into space. Now, before you think I'm about to make a political statement, just hold on, 'cause I'm not. It was just a wild dream. Although I knew who the two guys were, it left me wondering why my dreaming apolitical brain had picked Ms. Pelosi to include in this story. (Answer: I'll never know.)

I never dream about art, about painting. I think those wildest dreams happen right at the easel: the muse shows up, you paint, and sometime later, looking at the finished work you wonder, "How did I get there? How did I do that?"

Here's one:

Double Vision, mixed media on canvas, 30 x 30

I stared at that painting for 2 months, not knowing how to finish it. But when the muse whispered in my ear, and I knew what to do, it "just happened." Wildest dream? I think so.