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Oh What a Night!

Corinne Galla

Last Friday, the Decatur Art Festival Art Walk marked a major kick-off event for the Memorial day weekend in Atlanta. Incredibly, I was lucky enough to be asked to be the featured artist at the well known folk art gallery, Wild Oats and Billy Goats. Me and a few of my friends.

Thrilled and delighted, I had few ideas what to expect as I agreed to come in and demo my painting technique for the crowd (insert nervous nail-biting image here).

All I can say it far exceeded my expectations: interested onlookers, great conversations with art lovers and with other artists and (Yay!) sales!

The soon-to-be "Herbert."

The finished demo of my black and white cow was dubbed "Herbert" by Vivian and Olive, the daughters of one of our visitors.

It was her birthday, too!

We had very happy customers...

I'm back there in the middle somewhere, paintbrush in hand.

...and an elbow-to-elbow crowd!

Thank you to everyone who came out, and a big, big thank you to the folks at Wild Oats and Billy Goats!