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Pigs and Flowers, AKA "The Experiment"

Corinne Galla

Ok, ok, last post (for a while, at least) about finding your target market - I promise! About  two weeks ago I was lucky enough to be a part of a show held by an artisan makers group. It was fun, exciting, exhausting, and I LEARNED A LOT.

I learned a lot about group shows, and a lot about my target market when exhibiting and selling in person.

Simply put, I took two segments of my work to the show:

1. Rustic Farm Art Paintings


2. Mixed Media Botanical Paintings


or, as I like to call it, "Pigs and Flowers."

The show was held in a small country town about an hour from a BIG CITY. Guess what subject matter gathered the most interest? (Hint: not the one I thought would do it).

It was......ready?.......Rustic Farm Art Paintings!

People loved loved loved my paintings of pigs, goats, cows, and barns. A few nodded vaguely at my mixed media, sophisticated, gallery-ready botanicals, saying things like, "that's nice," or "I like the red."

What's my takeaway here? It would have to be something like, "Don't take paintings of the Maine woods to a show in Florida." Give the natives what they like!! Give your market what they like! When in get the picture.

I guess sometimes it isn't as hard as it seems.