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Road Trip!

Corinne Galla

I can't think of anything that's as much fun as painting, unless it's delivering new work to a gallery! Recently I made the trek up to Decatur, Ga., accompanied by my studio manager/photojournalist/art colleague and dear, dear friend, the fabulous Tracey Dumont.* We were dropping off my newest works at Wild Oats and Billy Goats, an amazing, pow(!) and very cool spot in the ever-so-art-friendly Downtown Decatur shopping district.

Not a parking spot for blocks, and we've got a lotta paintings to move! OK, park in the commercial loading zone, pop on the emergency blinkers and pray the meter maid doesn't own a Segway.

Love the window! It's just kitsch enough! Laura, our wonderful gallery associate that day got my paintings all checked-in while Tracey made a final dash to the curb outside to see if the tow truck had showed up yet (I think they're very serious about the parking there....).

Just one more shot of me, and we're on our way! We took a little time for ourselves (after re-parking the car, of course!) and soaked up a little local flavor at the nearby courthouse square. Decatur folk make their own fashion statements, and we really dug the navy sharkskin suit-British flag socks combo on one fellow hurrying back to his office (sorry, no pic - he was moving too fast!).
Have you ever had Persian food? If not, you're missing out! On the other side of the quad by the courthouse in Decatur is a mini "restaurant row," and right in the middle is Colbeh Persian Kitchen and Bar.

Ooooh! Hand made pita, fire-roasted veggies and what I can honestly name as the best lemon salad dressing I have ever had emerged from the kitchen looking like this...what more could us girls ask for?

Just for you: Here's a link to Wild Oats and Billy Goats *Check out Miss Dumont' wonderful work at Hello Sunshine All photo Credit: T. Dumont