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Artist Corinne Galla writes about the world of the working artist.

Starts, Stops and (Gasp!) Paint-overs

Corinne Galla

Years ago, when I'd just begun painting, I read in another artist's blog a statement that went something like this: "I've never had a failed painting." I was very, very impressed, and have always wished I could say that. My version would be, "I have had many, many failed paintings, but you will never see them!!" Not really. Here's one:

Light Rain

I have a large storage area in my barn where I keep all these starts, stops and those canvases destined for the "paint-over pile."

Actually, paint-overs are quite freeing - a funky, color-filled background's already there to work on, and it's as if inspiration's built in for you. My latest paint-over replaced a teacher demo still life that I'd demonstrated over and over again in class for my students and (for many reasons) deserved to be painted over:


So, what's next? Hmmmmm...I'm heading out to the barn.