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Artist Corinne Galla writes about the world of the working artist.

The Coastal Installation

Corinne Galla

When is a rainy vacation NOT a rainy vacation? When it's an invitation from a gracious and generous art patron, Anna Marie Hendry-Hinson and her wonderful husband, Bill Hinson, to join them at their new marsh cottage on the Golden Isles of Georgia and install their new seaside-themed painting. The Marsh on Black Island

Actually, the installation of the painting wasn't all that happened!

I traveled to the coast with a friend and art colleague, and once we'd arrived in the sleepy little town of Darien, Georgia, lots and lots of adventures began to unfold. We were treated to some of the best seafood the area has to offer, spent one day on a "gallery crawl" that just got better and better and better, and later on paid a visit to an ultra-charming little wine bar with live, local music. One morning, our hosts took us to a little handmade chocolate shop (it's actually in an enormous two-story home) on a small Darien square, tucked away in a charming residential area; a little secret on a sleepy street. Spanish moss hanging from enormous live oaks adorned rainy, narrow avenues and gave this artist a new appreciation for an entirely different kind of landscape.

The local church service offered its own quirky personality. It was a first for me to hear old, familiar Protestant hymns played on a traditional organ, but backed up by an enthusiastic harmonica. Doesn't that give the phrase "harp music" a whole new heavenly spin!

St. Cyprian's Through a Rainy Window we are just after the painting was installed in the Hinsons' beautiful guest room at the cottage. I think they liked my "Two Umbrellas!"

"Two Umbrellas," and on the right, Anna Marie and Bill

So, "Dear Anna Marie and Bill - Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I truly hope you'll love your new painting for many, many years to come!"