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Artist Corinne Galla writes about the world of the working artist.

The Glass is Full

Corinne Galla

I bumped into someone the other day who assumed I had retired. Whaaaaat? Yes, I've ceased my regular teaching schedule at my in-town studio and have begun working at my studio at home, but it's a very fast-paced existence now: more than ever before. I've been really, really lucky this year. My career has taken a serious up-tick, and to paraphrase Lewis Carroll's White Queen in "Through the looking Glass," I'm running twice as fast to keep up. November will be here in a couple of days, and the last  8 weeks of 2014 look pretty darn busy.

I will be filling those weeks with:

1. Painting
2. Shipping holiday orders to my online customers 
3. Painting
4. Pondering next year's workshops
5. Painting (Did I mention painting?)
And maybe a little of this:
(Whispers) Happy New Year!