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What Whew! Yesterday was quite a blur!

There's a little bit more on my plate than usual lately. Preparations for a demo event at a very popular in-city art walk at the end of the month and the addition of a couple of classes to teach have made my calendar runneth over.

About ten years ago, when I had just started painting, someone remarked to me,"Oh, I thought all you artists did was sit around and paint and drink wine all day." What? And, um, no. That tune goes a little bit like this:

In the morning: Field emails from students, check last nights' online sales stats, inventory shipping materials, make a checklist for the office supply place, boot up my photo editor and create three new images for giclee prints for an online sales venue, prep a finished painting for hanging hardware and for delivery to a client.

In the afternoon: Write up packing checklist for tomorrow's class, photograph, photo edit and upload to inventory three pieces of artwork, email these images to a gallery owner (cross fingers and hope for a good response), order paint from a new vendor, wonder what I did with those roller skates.

Have I left anything out? Oh, yes...I did get to paint yesterday, too.

Now, what did I do with that corkscrew?