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Artist Corinne Galla writes about the world of the working artist.

Warts and all? Oh, yeah, warts and all...

Corinne Galla

I found out something recently about us folks who

  1. like to make art, and
  2. use social media (for me, that's Facebook - can't "get" Instagram just yet)

...and that's this: our social media public LIKES pictures. And before you say "DUH!", no, not just pictures I painted, but pictures of me, my yard, my chickens. As one of my friends says, "It's a little peek behind the curtain." 

Recently, one of my online colleagues echoed a sentiment which has always struck a chord with me: "Why can't people just look at my art? Isn't that enough? Why do they want to know about me, too?" Ooh, and that I got. Ask me to describe my work, my process, my materials and I'm off and running. I'll paralyze you with details. But talk about me? In writing? I get the real kind of brain freeze.

But then I thought as hard as it is to write an artist's bio, well, wouldn't posting a selfie be easier? I could take my very first selfie - plain as day, no makeup, bad hair, the works. Like the title of this post says, "Warts and all." Just me. (Or maybe I could just chicken out and paint a self portrait. There, yes, that would totally work! No, no, ok, I'll do it.)

So. Last week I posted my first selfie (arrgh!), and I am rewriting my bios. I have a couple of bios in different places. Here's the one from my Etsy shop:
And here's a link to the one on my work-in-progress website:
Annnnnnd here's that much-dreaded selfie:

Now, let's wander on over to my Facebook page while I show you my paintings.