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Artist Corinne Galla writes about the world of the working artist.

Whoooo Is My Target Market? (Part 1)

Corinne Galla

Okay - I have been researching my very, very elusive target art-buying market ("Whoooooo are you?" Thank you, Pete Townsend!). I call them "elusive," because after selling my art online and in person for over seven years I still really have no more than a slim idea of who these art buyers might be.

If I look at my Facebook business page stats (FB calls them "Insights") it would seem that most folks who visit my page are:

  • mostly women
  • in the age groups 35-45 years of age, and 55-65 years of age

But since most of my dear FB peeps are artists, too, I know these groups are my tribe but not necessarily my market.

When I revisit my Etsy shop's sales, I can tell that almost all my customers are women, but there are no other stats to tell me to what other demographic groups they belong.

Hmmmm...seems for the most part I'm back to square one.

And then it dawned on is personal, and the appeal is visceral. And I don't really believe one can create the kind of art I create with a specific target in mind, and the demographics I just mentioned don't really matter.

  • As a painter, who am I looking for?
  • If you are a painter, too, who are you looking for?

We are looking for collectors, that's who. Age, region and (almost always) income are factors which do not matter.

I have sold hundreds of pieces of work both online and in person, but I can only count a few of my buyers as known collectors. (Why? 'Cause they told me!)

I think those are the people I need to go talk to. I'll get back to you on this. Stay tuned for Part 2.nxtwkshop