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Over the last several years my artwork has grown in popularity and I knew it was time I made them available with my own website.

I love creating these paintings and, as simple as it sounds, just want to make art with impact - pieces I'd like to have in my own home.

I started painting again after a 40 year break (yes, 40!) and have always made oil painting my first love. When I began selling online in 2009 it was with smallworks in watercolor, and my subjects centered around lovely little faces, figures and flowers. Who knew my work in watercolor would be equally rewarding and just as much fun as creating my oil paintings? I'm inspired by classic portraits and sculpture, and often work from charcoal or pencil studies I've done using a live model.

I don't have a formal fine art education. My BA is in apparel design (Ha! I should have been designing paint clothes, 'cause that's all I seem to wear now), and my favorite thing in school was drafting. All those straight lines, special cuts and very sharp, sharp scissors; I still have my ruler collection!

I grew up in a Quaker village, was around when hula hoops came out, skipped over the second grade and despised, despised chemistry class in high school.

My backyard is the size of a couple of football fields (I have TWO lawn tractors!), and every day I'm grateful to be able to gaze out at all this Georgia beauty that surrounds me - what inspiration!

Don't be surprised if you see a mix of styles. I love working in many different mediums, and my wildlife and farm animal paintings seem so very different from my other art! No worries - it's all me!

A few years ago one of my paintings was chosen for a book cover and that seemed to be the catalyst for an increase in the sales of my work - I am always grateful for that response, then and now.

With all my thanks,