• White Pastel Bunny Drawing, Original Animal Art

Bunn, Pastel Drawing


When I was growing up a lot of folks out in the country had rabbits as farm house pets, cute and cuddly, and easy for us young folks to help take care of!

This is an original bunny rabbit drawing in dry pastels (chalks) done in white, golds and many, many shades of lavender on light brown pastel paper. The drawing measures 5" x 7" and would be a charming addition to any nursery room decor.

Pastel drawings may be framed as is, but often look even better with a mat. The mat serves as a good way to help raise the glass off of the artwork.

This pastel has not been sprayed with a fixative.

Title: Bunn

Size: 5" x 7"

Medium: Professional Quality Dry Pastel

Support: Rough-Textured Paper by Bee