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Queen of Hearts


Queen of Hearts

Queen of HeartsCropped toSize.jpg
Queen of Hearts.jpg
Queen of HeartsCropped toSize.jpg
Queen of Hearts.jpg
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Queen of Hearts


A contemporary mixed media portrait of the “Queen of Hearts," one of my favorite abstract subjects, this artwork was made with lots of different mediums: acrylic paint, watercolor and water soluble charcoal, all arranged on textured canvas paper. The painting measures 4.5" x 7", but I've let all the glorious artsy edges show (see the second view in the listing photos).

This modern abstract figurative art piece is ready to be matted and framed, or simply framed as is in its full size of 6" x 9". The contrast of dark shadows and strong, almost white light give impact to this compact painting.

Title: The Queen of Hearts

Medium: Mixed

Support: Textured Canvas Paper

Size: 4.5" x 7"

Paper Size: 6" x 9"

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