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Yellow Favorites


Yellow Favorites

Yellow FavoritesCropfor8x10.jpg
Yellow Favorites.jpg
Yellow FavoritesCropfor8x10.jpg
Yellow Favorites.jpg
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Yellow Favorites


Watercolor Floral Painting of Yellow and Orange Flowers in a Blue & White Ceramic Vase, Pictured 8 x 10, Botanical Watercolor, Still Life

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Bring the sunshine indoors! I've used a mix of different mediums to make this sunny floral still life. With a base of ink, I added watercolor paint in lots of layers and made accents with soft fluid acrylics. The result? A contemporary mixed media painting with a true watercolor feel.

Modern botanicals are a pleasure to paint, and these pretty yellow and orange flowers arranged in their blue and white ceramic vase were a treat for my eye while I was creating them.

The main image is pictured in an 8" W x 10" H size, but the painting was originally made on 12"W x 9"H watercolor paper. You can see the un-cropped image by clicking or tapping on the second view above. *This full size is the way the painting will be sipped to you.* That way you have cropping and framing options for your new artwork display.

Title: Yellow Favorites
Size: 8" x 10"
Paper Size: 9" x 12"
Support: 140 lb. Watercolor Paper

Painting was signed after photos were made.
Colors may vary by monitor.